"CrossFire" Personalized Helmets

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" CrossFire " in the second quarter Hulk biochemical popular, the mall added several new increase of ten percent can experience a hat props also for the huge increase of a trace of green giant version of the fashionable. Mall several new helmet, with its unique appearance has attracted countless dazzling players embarked on a "Fashion fire" style. Qriginally was Hulk led the world, and now even if you're an ordinary image, you can buy a lovely hat to show off one in front of others. We have talked about the advantages of new hat, and some one will ask how charming the newly-marketed hats are? Let's appreciate the charm of several types of hat styles that are newly marketed by stores.

The most creative hat: nfl hats, first, let's say something about the origins of football. Rugby is a kind of ball games. It was said that W.W. Ellis (one student of one school in Rugby felt very pity due to the mistake in one internal football match, and he desperately hugged the ball in chest and ran around. From that time, The case which in the school's football games hold the ball running to occur repeatedly, Although this is foul play, but gives a new revelation, over time, gradually been accepted as legitimate action. Later, a new sports project that has high exercise value to body's comprehensive development, namely, rugby was separated from football sport. So in the " CrossFire " NFL football cap, is a more creative hat, a new breakthrough in the traditional hat. In the game, we can see that such red passionate hat is marked by moving sign, thus it is worthy of your wearing due to its originality.

The most amazing hat: olive helmets, in order to better protect the head, American football player recently is experimenting with a new helmet. At present, 50 players have worn such helm worthy of US$1500 in match and exercise. After wear it, wearing in the movement data, may transmit outside the appearance computer wireless.

During the experience, such helm has been bumped for over 33,000 times. Of which, in more than 250 times, the bumping force is equivalent to the bumping force of head on a brick wall at the speed of over 40km/h. As long as the player is found suffering from continuing risk of collision, the information will be displayed by the sensor immediately. In the " CrossFire. ", if you are eligible to wear such a hat, it is absolutely a fashion, absolutely enjoy 21st century high-tech helmet

The most popular hat-monster energy hats: Why baseball hat was called baseball hat? Baseball hat's name became well-known from America. Baseball is very popular in the United States, while the competition defense, a team of players most of them to wear a baseball cap, and many people will take the most popular baseball cap, such as DC Shoes played baseball cap. In Cross Fire, compared to ordinary baseball hats, New Era Hats are more vivid. In addition, hat's baseball image becomes more vivid accordingly. If you are wearing this style of baseball cap, no matter how a low profile you are keeping, you still appear to be inferior to the sparkling and screaming this hat might cause.

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"CrossFire" Personalized Helmets

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This article was published on 2010/09/10